Still Video Project

This is an upload of my Still Video project for my Com 220 class. The goal of the assignment was twofold: 1) To take various still shots of a location at Elon and 2) edit the shots into a 40 second clip. The location I was given was Oak House, a local cafe with good coffee and lots of space for students to relax and work in.

The filming aspect of the assignment was more difficult than I anticipated. After some in-class practice I felt comfortable wit the camera and tripod, but for some reason I had trouble focusing the camera even though I used the “zoom in, focus, then zoom out” method multiple times. The employees of Ok House were fine with me filming, so long as I didn’t get in any customer’s way, hence why most of the filming is in several corners of the room.

The editing part of the project was much easier this time than the last editing project I did. I created a video log and paper edit to help me remember which segments of video to use. The audio levels were a bit tricky to get right as ambient noise was so quiet until something hit a table or chair and the sound would spike.


Audio Editing Assignment: Kindess Poem


This is the upload of my most recent assignment from my Creating Multimedia Content class. In this assignment, we were to edit together different audio clips from other students in the class to form the entire poem Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye in Adobe Premiere. There were three main components of this assignment: the audio editing, the photoshop creation of the title card, and the uploading to Youtube. For the audio editing, I took the sound clips that I thought were the most clear for each line. I also added background music, ambient sounds (crickets), and a sound effect (bus noise). The music was taken from FirstCom Music and the sound effects were taken from Pro Sound Effects. The title card was a quick edit, just something that would be able to appear on any screen and for the specific resolution the audio file was edited in. Finally, the video was uploaded to Youtube to be embedded into this WordPress post.

Overall, this assignment was time consuming and tricky, but ultimately I believe I created a decent product for my very first audio edit.