Objects and a Place

These are the photos I took for a photography assignment in my Communications 220 class. The objects that I took pictures of were to have some level of cultural significance to me, and contain one picture with a shallow depth of field, one with a standard view, and one with a different angle for each object. The location I chose to photograph was the McMichael Science Center at Elon University, with pictures taken inside and outside the building.



Favorite Food

This is a post on WordPress as a test to show how to post a photo. It’s about popcorn because popcorn is the best snack food ever.popcorn-boom-is-there-room-for-growth-competition

Popcorn is tiny bits of crunchy heaven.


I’m adding this section to test the update button. And if we’re making a post about food, here’s a weird but fun food I found from one of my favorite games, Mother 3. It’s a sushi hotdog! That game likes chimeras. (recipe by Lv. 1 Chef on Tumblr)