Product Label Assignment

These are the mock product labels I created for my Comm 200 class. The assignment was to create two product labels, one needing to be for a 20 oz soda bottle, keeping in mid design elements and having good use of text on the label. Since we were making fake product labels, I decided to make them for two fake products, that being Nuka Cola from the Fallout games and Green Dragon Ale from the Lord of the Rings series. The unique fonts I used were downloaded from




Magazine Cover Assignment

These pictures are the mock magazine covers that I created for my Comm 220 class. The assignment was to create two magazine covers, one with a picture I had taken myself, and add all the design elements that make up a magazine article, such as the cover title, side stories, and other elements. The two magazines I decided to make a cover for were Gameinformer and Vogue, with Vogue using the picture I had taken myself of my friend Mitzi.


Photo Manipulation Assignment

There photo collages were made for an assignment for my Comm 220 class. The goal was to take ten photos from the internet of something with significance to you and make a photo collage out of them using vector layers and one line of text. For my photo collages, I chose to make a collage of two of my favorite video games, Undertale and To The Moon. I also made a collage about my favorite breeds of large dogs as I am a huge dog lover. All of the photos used were not my own, but the collage work itself was.